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Katsuba, Valery


Valery Katsuba (born July 21, 1965) - an artist working with photography, video director, performance, writes stories. His most famous photographic series "Physcultura" (2006), "The Model: Classics and Modernity " (2018), "The Seasons, my friends" (2005), are created as
narratives based on the classical traditions of art and literature, and on historical research. To create such photographic series the artist works (as the director, choreographer or trainer) with models - athletes, dancers, actors, workers or friends. His work can be found in the collections of the Center Pompidou (Paris), in the Russian Museum (St. Petersburg), and in the Museum of the San Fernando Royal Academy of Arts (Madrid).


"Russian culture is considered literary; a Western one is seen as visual. Valery combines both qualities: his photographic works are necessarily narrative."

Anna Shpakova

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